EPS Calculator [Accurate and as per 2018 Rules]

EPS Calculator

The most comprehensive EPS calculator that takes all current rules into account.


How to Use this calculator

For most employees, you only need to enter your date of birth and date of joining of your first job. 

In case you have already done a pension withdrawal in past, ignore that job or jobs. Essentially, date of joining is the date since when your pension is accruing.

Basis your date of birth, calculator will try to find your retirement date. If it's not accurate, you can change it by checking 'different retirement or pension commencement date'.

Further, EPF currently offers an option to defer or pre-pone your pension commencement date. If you want to avail of this option, check 'different retirement or pension commencement date' and choose appropriate options.

EPS Calculator will automatically assume the maximum allowed Pensionable Salary but in case it's different for you (unlikely for most employees), you can always choose to enter it manually.

And this is it. You should now see the exact pension that you will receive if you retire at 58 years.

If you have chosen to pre-pone or defer your pension, you will see the revised amount in that case too. Also, in case you have spent less than 10 years, it will show zero pension (as you are not eligible for it) and instead show the exact withdrawal benefit.

For more details on how EPS calculations actually work, check our comprehensive guide.

4 thoughts on “EPS Calculator [Accurate and as per 2018 Rules]”

  1. Which one is Better? EPS or NPS? EPS will yield only Rs.7500/- Per Month after retirement and contribution is limited to 15K Per Year. Where there is no limit in contribution towards NPS and More we contribute more we receive per month after retirement.

    1. Dear Prasad, EPS and NPS are entirely different but complementary schemes. A better comparison for NPS will be a balanced mutual fund. Taxation rules don’t really favor NPS and in my view, for voluntary investments, mutual funds are a better choice in long term.

  2. your en devour is absorbing ,suppose,if i opt reduced pension or early pension following VRS at 52years and tenur of service of 21 years,what will be the calculation and will continue reduced pension till end or will it be regularised as full pension at age of 58. pls. let me know.

    1. Thank you Kamal for your kind words. Your pension amount will be reduced by 4% for each year it’s preponed. From what I know, the reduced pension doesn’t get reset at 58 years and it continues as is. For more details on how EPF pension is calculated, you may refer to https://sfinopedia.com/eps-calculation/

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